Voyages of The Black Dawn

Breaking Curfew

Breaching the line

Over the next 2 days:

Merk has made progress on the jack, but it is still not operational. He’ll need a better workspace or a lot more time to finish it. He sneaks back to the Captain’s lodging by night to check in, but then sneaks back to continue his work.

Fang talks to Hank and Handsome Jon, instructing them and the other crew to ingratiate themselves and the group with the locale folks. His goal is to establish the Black Dawn as a crew people turn to for help and thus establish influence and to use popular support to become influential Captains in Five Fingers. Handsome Jon is in charge is placed in charge of the operation, and Fang volunteers to help as long as they are still in the area.

Blythe and Jade begin a nightly reconnaissance to get a sense of martial patrols and strength. They observe somewhat regular patrols usually about half a dozen people plus warjack support. All are clad in chemical gear and gas masks. They observe a patrol crossing off the island via bridge, and discern some form of hand countersign being used. They chose to stay longer to observe more and establish a pattern.

Fang makes some contacts to try and create disguises that look like the chemical uniforms of the patrols.

Merk gives up on his jack and returns to the hotel.

Fang sneaks out to the cliff face at night to see if he can scrounge the clothing he threw in a few days ago. Securing and lowering a rope, he scales down the cliff face to the surf. Lodged in a rock crevice, he finds the body of one of the guards he dispatched. He swings over, and grabs it. The decay bubbles out of the suit. He dry heaves as he stripes the body. He now has a greasy, smelly set of Crucible Armor. Returning to the hotel, he sets up a cauldron in the lobby and boils the suit. It still smells bad, and now the lodging smells like noxious soup. Fang blames Spart.

Blythe, frustrated at the situation, drinks rum heavily. The hotel stock is running low.

Next Night:

A plan is made: At midnight they will sneak to the bridge, Fang will fire off a few shots, and come running towards barricade in his uniform disguise, making as if he has been ambushed. At that signal, Merk will shoot the person most visible to the other guards. Meanwhile Blythe and Jade will take positions to also fire on the bridge. In this way they hope to test the bridge defenses, and perhaps get Fang across.

The plan is put to the test, and everyone sneaks into position. The bridge is barricaded and guarded by a force of 5 guards plus two light warjacks armed with chainguns. Fang throws a fragmentation grenade to begin the diversion and goes running. Merk fires a thunderbolt shot at the foremost jack, flinging it back into the wooden pilings behind it. .

The jacks open up with chain guns, and pepper their hiding places with bullets. Merk has taken cover on the second floor of a former residence, and the bullets rip through the walls. Jade, from a closer position amongst some crates near the bridge, repeatedly shoots one of the crucible guard, who fires a magical flare against her. The area she is hiding becomes illuminated and clear in the otherwise murky night. Jade relocates to the quay wall. Another arrow from Jade drops him, and she proceeds to disarm another one of the rifleman before the other defenders drop behind the barricade. The jacks adjust their aim as best they can, and all reposition to avoid covering fire.

Fang, meanwhile, runs past the barricade, and sees charges set in front. He discerns the trigger mechanism by the barricade, and wires running behind and down to the far end. Past the bridge, military forces have taken over some of the seedy buildings and turned them into temporary barracks. There is much activity as the alarm has been sounded and reinforcements for the bridge are mobilized. Fang yells that they need help, and keeps running, passing into the city in the confusion.

Blythe retreats and attempts to ambush an incoming patrol, but they come by another road. She throws a grenade to try and draw them, but it only precipitates them taking cover behind the barricade faster. The party retreats to the hotel.

Fang, ducking into an alley, locates a transient and cuts him down. He removes his disguise and puts it on the body to throw anyone who might come looking for him off the track. He disappears into the streets of Doleth Island.


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