Voyages of The Black Dawn

Gerrold's Cure

Behind old walls

<meta />Night, continued:

The party sneaks back to the Cathedral, and Capt. Blythe makes sure they were not followed. Observing the court before the Cathedral, there are folks about, but the party has no means to discern if they are spies. A drunk murmurs  in an alley, man in a window is  smoking a pipe, etc.

Entering, they reconnect with Merk and exchange news of their exploits.  

Gerrold, still in a nightshirt, is pressed upon to perform the ritual that will cure Blythe, Fang, and Burt of their green glowing curse. He prepares himself and his acolytes, and has the party meet them down in the crypts. Chosing a wide area three levels down, surrounded by the crumbling sarcophagi and statuary of Morrowans past, Gerrold and his acolytles, in full battle array, surround the afflicted. Gronk, Merk, others stand guard at intervals as well as at the entrance to the crypt to ensure they are not disturbed.

As Gerrold et al. begin chanting, Blythe, Fang, and Burt seem to be washed out of reality. All is darkness beyond the circle of monks, and their flesh is obscured in shadow. Only their armor and maces remain clear. The afflicted begin to get nauseous and sweat. Green slime exudes from their pores, flitting up like sluggish tentacles as it drips and collects on the ground like a pile of emaciated maggots. Fang takes his own Morrowan mace and smashes his pile repeatedly. Dark shapes are seen assaulting the outer ring, and the Morrowans fight them back while Gerrold completes the ritual. Reality returns and the afflicted find themselves cured. Many of the acolytes are wounded and rent with horrible claw marks. Fang, Burt, and Blythe brought to dormitories to rest.

Next Morning:

The three are still fatigued, but recovering.

Blythe makes a large donation to the Cathedral, on top of what was done before, in appreciation.

Jade and Merk go out into the city to spread the word to the populace that the infection is curable. Jade encounters Vyros, an Iosan thug who has worked with her before, and entices him to join the crew.

Meanwhile, Blythe invites Lt. Narvosh to lunch via a courier. He sets up a meeting at a decent restaurant on Captain’s Island. In the meantime, Blythe asks around Doleth about him, but finds nothing. At lunch, small talk is exchanged and BLythe steers the conversation to information gathering. Narvosh reveals that Kilbride has connections with the Order of Illumination, and that Riordan does not. Narvosh also indicates that the Black Dawn is scheduled for destruction due to a hive of troublemakers in the area. Blythe immediately thinks of Spart and his guerrilla warfare. Blythe reveals herself as the captain of the Black WInd, and “purchases” a pass through the ship quarantine. Narvosh promises to deliver the pass soon, and Blythe suggests they meet up at this eatery again. Blythe returns to the Cathedral.

Fang, seeking to expand his propaganda, hires a printer to run broadsheets advertizing the cure. He is sure to include a stylized fang image on the sheet. They will have it available next week.   


Everyone returns to the Cathedral and discusses the day's events. Blythe considers selling out Spart, but the crew is strongly against that, saying that although he is a loose cannon, he does tend to get things done.

Watches are posted to ward off any retaliation by the High Street Commissars. Sure enough, at twilight such an attack comes. A warcaster leading a pair of Mariners and a host of thugs storm the cathedral; sniper fire echoes across the court from the rooftops.

Vyros, Merk, Leslie, being on watch in the aging front courtyard, take cover and attack. Vyros immediately critically wounds the warcaster, his bolts punching through the magical protections like cracking an eggshell. The others take out the reloaders on Mariner warjacks, silencing the carronade that smashed through the gates and court statuary. The Mariners and 6 thugs enter the courtyard while Merk is hit by rifle fire from the rooftops. Merk calls for help, and an acolyte runs to inform the others. Burt and Fang run to engage, while Blythe runs to inform Gerrold, who mobilizes the Morrowans.

Merk, with his thunderbolt shots, sends many flying, including a Mariner a couple of times… it’s bulk smashes into what remains of the fencing and walls. Burt sends out a hail of lead that clears stragglers. Leslie is battered, then skewered on the ground by a thugs pike, spitting blood. Fang rushes to help, and manages to stabilize Leslie. A Mariner misses Vyros and Fang, smashing its anchor into the ground. Vyros uses his daggers to slash repeatedly at mercenary faces, then disengages to seek out the warcaster. He rounds the corner across the court and spies him on roof. Two bolts in rapid succession fly out and snipes him dead; The Mariners go inert. The final fleeing thug is shot in the back by Vyros and Burt. Gerrold arrives with contingent right at the end, too late to fight.


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