Voyages of The Black Dawn

Guests of the Morrowans

Drinking and murder

The still quarantined party waits til morning to observe the response at the bridge. Meanwhile, on the dark streets of Doleth, Fang proceeds to the Cathedral of Morrow. He finds it shut for the night. He finds a side alley to rest until morning. Next Morning: Fang knocks at the cathedral door and asks the acolyte who answers after Chaplain Gerrold. Fang is informed that he has disappeared. Inquiring of Chuck and Leslie he learns that Leslie has left, but Chuck is still here. Fang is brought to the residence area where the Morrowans and Chuck are engaged in eating a big plate of eggs steamed with onions. Chuck tells Fang that Gerrold cured them a while ago, but then disappeared. After breakfast they search his rooms, finding his medicines and potions out of order. Fang, exhausted from the previous nights events, takes a nap, then spends the rest of the day questioning the acolytes to discern clues. He determines that in the days leading up to the disappearance there were some gang members from Riordan’s forces (High Street Commissars) hanging around the cathedral. Fang spends the night at the Cathedral in Chuck’s room. Meanwhile: The quarantined party reconnoiters the city. Blythe designates a clock tower as their rendezvous point should they need to suddenly regroup. It is an abandoned municipal building (even before quarantine). The clock no longer tells the right time. Scouting it out with Jade, Merk and Burt, Blythe sees a Galleon patrol destroy a building. They spend the morning observing further. The patrol holds position a long time, and eventually moves on. Afternoon: They return to the hotel and decide to wait til the supplies arrive tomorrow and see if they can bribe their way off. Gronk and Merk begin to weaken the walls of the hotel to allow access to neighboring buildings. Evening: Spart returns dragging a bag of scavengings including a mason jar of crackly blue green powder, an oozing cow tongue like thing, a massive pipe bomb, etc. His hands smell like old cinnamon. Merk instructs Spart to rig buildings to blow in such a way as to collapse on the Galleon. Night: Blythe, Burt, and Jade, sneak out to check the destroyed building. It is mostly collapsed, and looks dangerous to enter. They decide not to check into it further, and return to the hotel. Next Day: It is supply day. Blythe, Burt, Merk, Gronk go to the supply drop. Jade goes along as well, but breaks off before reaching the cache and sneaks into the vicinity to observe. Blythe, bribing Lt. Narvosh, arranges to smuggle folks out. Waiting hidden in a side building at the cache, Narvosh indicates when the coast is clear to hide within emptied barrels and crates. Burt winds up in a hogshead of apples. Merk and Jade are in a crate of coal. Merk rips his shirt to use for masks. Blythe and Gronk return to hotel, and inform the rest of the crew of the plan. All resume drinking. At the same time, the supplies are moved off the island via cart. Burt is rolled for a good portion and almost vomits. Jacks load the crates onto a wagon, which rumbles over a bridge and past the barricade. Things are unloaded, and soon all is quiet. Burt is upside down, and tries to kick himself out. Merk drills a hole, sees a wall. Jade tries the other side, and sees the coast is clear. They pry up the corner of the crate with a bayonet and find themselves in the basement of a distillery. Street level narrow windows are high up the walls, copper vats are against one wall, and a stair leads up. They retrieve Burt, easily finding him within the only hogshead that seems to be cursing. Burt finds a cask of rum and fills his flask. Jade and Merk rinse off in it. Scouting out windows, they see industrial traffic. It appears that they have been transported to the Spiritgrav on Captain’s Island. Jade sneaks up the stairs, thinking to sneak around and open the cellar loading door. She is spotted by workers. She mumbles out some excuses about delivering coal from the mine, and almost shoots someone, deciding at the last minute to just run instead. She flees into the street. Burt and Merk, hearing the commotion, bolt out a window. They split up, and Burt sets a bum on fire with his gun as a distraction. Merk is seen and pursued by constables, but distances himself with his high speed. The next day: Blythe sneaks to the Black Dawn. She informs Josephus, Jorm, and Sarah that they should carry on with repairs and guard the ship. Blythe is going to sneak off the island and make contact in a week or two. She tells the same to the crew at the hotel, and that they should keep on making inroads with the quarantined populace. Blythe stays put at the hotel til the next supply day when she and Gronk can be smuggled away. Meanwhile, Burt and Jade leave the SpiritGrav and proceed west to catch a ferry to Doleth and by evening they have made it to the Cathedral of Morrow. Meanwhile, Fang has been asking around about the High Street Commissars. He learns they operate in the Maiden Bridge District from the Cathedral clerics. He decides to venture out and learn what the streets say. Fang finds himself at the Left Hander, a booze house and gambling den. After getting kicked out of a number of tables he finds a communal gambling table. Sitting amongst the losers, Fang buys chicken wings for the lot and strikes up a conversation. They recognize the Black Dawn, and sing some of the song. Havron, a local leatherworker who regularly gambles away his livelyhood, is impressed with Fang. He tells him that the Commissars are in the old Trenner Theatre, north of Crucible Alley. Fang impresses that the Black Dawn will be making more of a presence, and to keep them in mind. He drinks with the lot for a while, then heads back to the Cathedral, led by Crilla Yon. Night: Fang meets up with Jade and Burt. Make a plan to scout Trenner Theatre. It is a legitimate business district, and Burt informs the party of the Captains influence in the area. Commissars are enforcers, not political or influence actors. Burt, Fang, and Jade head to a bar close to the Trenner. Chuck is told to stay and wait at the cathedral in case Leslie comes back. They observe that the Trenner is run down, it’s electric marquee having fallen through the awning and now sits on the ground. It is occupied by what looks like squatters, but they know better. At a nearby bar, Burt tries to chat with the bartender, but the bartender is not chatty. Fang briefly entertains singing the Black Dawn song here, but Burt dissuades him with a cuff. Fang asks the bartender about the theatre and learns that 4-5 years ago it shut down, and a few months later the marquee fell in a storm. It was ostensibly sold later, but no new shows have ever taken place. He also asks about Leslie and learns that he/she has come in, mostly drinks a little, and meets others. Burt gets a vague reading of the room, identifying some of the rougher elements, and they wait. The bartender tells fang that Leslie last left with a Commissar member. After about 2 hours, Leslie walks in. Burt gives small wave, and Leslie attempts to inconspicuously walk out. Burt follows. Fang loudly orders more drinks to create a distraction. Leslie walks down side alley, and meets with Burt. Leslie informs him that he/she has infiltrated the Commissars, who are holding Gerrold prisoner. Burt fills him/her in on the rest of the party developments. They arrange a contact at the bar. Burt tells her that he/she can spring the chaplain if it’s a sure thing. Burt returns to the bar, and they continue to hang about til close, returning to the Cathedral afterwards. Meanwhile, Fang has been spreading rumors about Blythes nemesis, Capt. Ayvil. Next Day: Vandals have defaced part of the courtyard, and acolytes are busy cleaning it up. Fang helps them scrub, then goes on date with Jade. Later that evening Burt and Jade check in at the bar near the Trenner, Leslie shows up, but no contact is made. Burt closes down bar again. Back at the Cathedral, Chuck challenges Fang to a belching contest, but Fang demures. Fang asks about buying a new ship. Chuck says he’ll tell him if he wins a contest. Not belching, but farting. Fang blows him out of the room. Chuck, nauseated, says that he’s arranged for a purchase, but the incident at the Jubilee happened before he could finalize the deal. It should still be a good, assuming the parties are still alive. Back in the quarantine, Blythe flirts with Handsome Jon. Next Day: Fang watches out for vandals, and buys flowers for Jade. Burt goes shopping for cool pistols. Meanwhile, Blythe instructs the quarantined crew to relocate to the Black Dawn, and goes to the supply cache. She makes contact with Lt. Narvosh, who indicates the trouble that happened with the other group, and that the price has been raised. Blythe offers other additional ‘non monetary’ compensation, which Narvosh accepts. The rest of the payment is made. As before, he signals for members to hide in the crates. Blythe promises that they’ll wait to be released this time. Gronk, quick and silent, hides in a turnip crate. Blythe goes into a textile crate of linens. Night: Transported to the warehouse, Blythe and Gronk wait for release. Gronk eats many turnips, and belches a lot, but does not reveal their locations. A thin teen releases them that night, whistles to let them know the coast is clear, points them out the door. Blythe and Burt go to the cathedral. On ferry to Doleth, they see a massive explosion from within the quarantine. Sailing on, they reach the island and the cathedral. Blythe reprimands the crew for their haste in their smuggling exit. All share information and make a plan. Burt and Blythe head to the bar to make contact with Leslie. Making contact, once again Leslie surreptitiously talks with Burt. Blythe remains in the bar. Leslie indicates that there is a loading door that’s assumed blocked, but that he/she thinks could open. Gerrold is in the basement stores, guarded by 4 thugs at a time. Basement access can be gained through the stage via the lifting apparatus, or across the stage, down a hall, and down a stair. The audience area is a favorite congregating point for the Commissars, however. Burt thanks him/her, and says they’ll meet at the loading door tomorrow night. Burt returns to the bar and fills in Blythe. They close down the bar. Blythe flirts a lot, but does not go home with any of her amours. Next day: Blythe walks the streets, trying to get a read on local events. Makes inquiries concerning the Jubilee explosion, but finds little but rumor. She thinks Riordan might be behind it, and wants to contact Narvosh and find out which side he’s on. Blythe also makes moderate donation to the Cathedral. Over drinks, the party debates ascending to godhood in a variety of ways. Night: As planned, they meet Leslie at the loading dock. Gronk will wait at the door leading into the backstage area. Leslie slips behind a curtain, and signals the rest to sneak over, avoiding the eyes in the ‘audience’. Some are sharpening weapons, others playing games, some sleeping. Leslie points out the holes in the floor and access to the apparatus they can climb to below. One by one, they stealthily enter the hole and climb down the apparatus. Blythe almost falls, Burt gets temporarily caught in the floorboards, and Jade is delayed waiting for Burt to get out of the way, but all make it down unseen. Leslie takes the stairs. Proceeding down a long hall, they first ambushing the guards in an antechamber, then forcefully push into the suite where Gerrold is being held. Burt silently dispatches many, and Fang manages to hit one with his lacerator. One is knocked down, pinned to the floor by Blythe, and Fang attempts crush him with his mace, but it’s Jades arrow that finally ends him. None have time to raise the alarm. Fang and Burt grab some coin purses. Gerrold is recovered in a nightshirt and leather slippers, and they exit the way they came. Outside the loading door, Leslie asks to borrow a pistol from Burt, who acquiesces. Leslie takes careful aim back inside, fires, and returns Burt’s weapon, contented. He/she says “He found out too much”. They quickly retreat to Leslie’s safehouse.

Meanwhile, Merk makes his way back to the Cathedral, laying low to avoid the law. 


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