Voyages of The Black Dawn

Mob Rule

In the aftermath of the Jubilee massacre

3 days later:

The city is in chaos as mobs run through the streets, quarantines are set, and strange sounds echo in the dark. Merk, Fang, Jade, and Josephus go looting for steamjack parts en route to check on their ship. They decide upon a particular boarded up storefront, and hatch a plan.

Fang, looking out, spies Carlos standing nearby. Fang convinces him to join the crew. Carlos says he’s worth 20 men. They travel together to the North Rivergrav, and find the Black Dawn in drydock. Josephus agrees to repair it. Fang tries to recruit some looters into service repairing the ship (the regular workers having fled), and a minor fight breaks out. A few shots are fired, and the ruffians scatter. Carlos helps them find some real shipwrights, and threatens to break their noses unless they help. Fang offers to pay them anyway. They are shown to the Black Dawn.

Fang and Jade take a longboat to Doleth Island to get advice at the Cathedral of Morrow. It takes the better part of the day.


Fang and Jade arrive at the Cathedral. Chaplain Gerrold is a broad, late middle aged man with angular features. He says he can cure the curse, but it will take time. He needs 3 weeks to send for resources. Fang gives him contacts at the Black Dawn and the Inn as well as 500 gold. Fang spends some time in prayer. There are many supplicants here, praying for their city.

Fang and Jade paddle back towards Chaser island, and see robbed figures moving in the glowing green aftermath of the massacre. Fang pilots the boat to the cliff face, which Jade climbs. Sneaking amongst some rubble, she discerns that the robed figures are gathering the bodies… which still seem to be moving lethargically as they are loaded onto carts. One of the ‘bodies’ is “Clubfoot” Felix!. Fang calls out from the boat, drawing one of the robed figures to the cliff edge. A cacophonous whisper is heard in the air, and glowing runes appear around the hand of the robed figure. Jade and Fang shoot him, but he completes the spell, bathing the boat in Hellfire. Jade shoots a robed figure by a cart, and the man at the cliff face, killing both. The one by the cliff falls, hitting the boat. Fang jumps into the water, and Jade dives in off the cliff. Both swim to a beach north of the Tow Bridge.

Trying to find the nearest crewmen, they come to a common room. Spart is there, and they convince him to go spy on the men on the cliff. Fang and Jade then head back to Capt Blythe.

They agree to send a message to Kilbride about what they saw. Fang will deliver the message. He stops by the Black Wind en route to Captains Island to collect Merk and Carlos. Jade stays at the boat to protect Josephus and the Carpenters.

Fang bribes the guards at King’s Channel Bridge to cross. They proceed to Anchor island. There, Fang passes off the message from Capt Blythe. The message describes what Fang and Jade saw on the cliff. The party returns to Chaser island, picking up Jade.

After Midnight:

Through stealthy observation from the rooftops, the party finds the entrance to the warehouse where the cultists are taking the bodies. Merk silently kills the guard and takes his place. Then they ambush some carts. The door is barred, but Merk shoots it and Carlos ninja kicks it down. An Acolyte casts a rending spell, and a guard hits him with a mace, but Merks pistol shots, and two grenades, drop the guard. Fang ends the acolyte. Carlos fortifies the room, and Merk, Fang, and Jade move down the ramp where the carts were going.

Behind a double wooden door the party observes a ritual chamber with an altar on the far end. A man is there chanting, while acolytes grab bodies from a pile in the corner and transfer them to a dias. There, they shrivel and dessicate, eventually being thrown into another corner. The party attacks, and Carlos and Jade are almost killed by horrible spells, but eventually Merk knocks down the leader, and Fang and Jade shoot him to death.

Looking through the pile of bodies, the party rescues Wolfshead Chuck and Mister Miss Leslie from the pile. Merk collapses the pillars supporting the warehouse, and all regroup at the exit. Suddenly, a flaming barrel comes rolling in and explodes!. From outside, Spart calls out ‘Look out!’. He joins them in the street, saying that he blew up a bunch of the cultists, and has planted a many booby traps. “They’ll be sorry!”.


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