Voyages of The Black Dawn


Martial Law


Jade and Spart are sent to update Capt. Blythe on the evening’s events while the rest of the party looks to commandeer a boat to get back to Doleth and the Church of Morrow to get help for Leslie and Chuck.

Merk sees an unguarded longboat, but Carlos wants to steal a guarded smugglers skiff. Not wanting to get into a scrape at this juncture, Merk convinces them to take the longboat. Ordic warships are sighted in the channels, but the party keeps a low profile and passes by without incident. They beach at Doleth and proceed to the Cathedral of Morrow. Knocking after hours, an acolyte responds and takes in Leslie and Chuck. Fang informs him of their deal with Chaplain Gerrold, and the acolyte agrees to stress its importance and update them on progress. Returning the way they came, the party returns to Capt. Blythe and sits tight for the night.


Merk, Fang, Carlos, Jade, and Gronk journey to the armorsmith to check on their order. Bert stays with the Capt. Spart is sent to scope out the western cliff for any zombified crew.

The smith is barricaded in his smithy. Behind the thick door the party can hear his workshop fired, and something large moving about. He is wary of looters, and says he intends to hunker down and wait out the trouble. Merk and Fang convince him that they can protect his shop, and will fetch things for him if he can repair their armor. They are let inside, and see the workbenches, forge, and even the heavy cobblestones of the floor covered with supplies and works in progress. The smiths laborjack has also been fired up. Merk will stay on the premises and guard, and also pick up tips on smithing.

The next day:

Fang and Carlos journey back to Doleth to check in at the Cathedral. All is well, but there is no news. On their way back, they observe the warships placing buoys and metal nets in the channels.

2 weeks pass:

The party, true to their word, guards the smith while he finishes their armor. They spend their time fetching food, parts, fuel, etc for him. A fortuitous meeting in the streets leads to Annabelle, a mercenary warcaster, is hired on.

Over this time the party has observed expeditions being sent to investigate The Green. They are heavily layered, and wear chemical masks, but the symbols on their clothing identify them as Ordic Military, and Order of Illumination members. Fang and Carlos approach one such group to ascertain what they know and what they are here for. Merk hangs back, trying to be inconspicuous. Fang eventually succeeds in convincing the group that they have clues as to the nature of The Green and a number of the members follow him to where they say they are. The real plan is to divide them, capture them, and interrogate them. Unforeseen, Spart and Annabelle come out from a side alley, having been doing a patrol of their own. Having their cover blown and lies exposed, Merk shoots the Order member in the chest. Fang demands the rest surrender while Carlos covers them.

They bring the prisoners into an abandoned warehouse and interrogate them about what they know. The Green is a Thamarite terrorist act… they are trying to contain it to the island, but it is spreading. It’s influence can be discerned by an arcane process. All prisoners but the Order member are executed. The Order member is knocked out and kept for when he’s healthy enough to interrogate. Money, jems, valuables, and weapons are looted, and the bodies are flung into the ocean depths.

The Order member is wrapped in a tarp and brought to Capt. Blythe. Being brought up to speed on this plan for the first time, Blythe decides he should die. They end him, and wait for night to dump him in the ocean. They confiscate his mechanical quad iron, banded with silver and etched with sigils.

Next Day:

The party visits the smith to ask about the mechanikal quad iron. It has no discernable power source, but the smith says it has great power. He doesn’t know how it works, but the Order is highly protective of such things. It’ll bring trouble to the wielder if the Order finds out they have it. They are highly insular with their technology.

The party decides that all confiscated weaponry ought be thrown into the ocean.

1 week later:

Martial Law has been declared, and the island is locked down. There are military patrols in the streets, complete with warjack contingents, including one that towers above the rooftops. Supply caches are established for use by the quarantined population during designated times, but all other movement is curfewed. Anyone breaking it will be shot.

There is much discussion on whether or not these caches are a trap. Jade, Fang, Carlos, Merk, Annabelle, and Spart are sent to investigate. At supply, crates are set up guarded by warjacks with axes and chainguns. A few other townsfolk who have not fled are there, receiving distributions of salt meat, dried vegetables, and bread. The military commanders take notes of where people are staying and their names. The party says they are near the smithy, and give false names. Annabelle asks about who is in charge and hears of Maj. Leopold Harrison from Lieutenant Kellin Narvosh.

Fang asks them to carry a letter to the Cathedral of Morrow addressed to Chaplin Gerrold. Its contents include asking about possibilities of a cure, if he can send it, or get them off the island.

The party drops off some food off for the smith. They agree to wait for a reply from Chaplain Gerrold. Depots are set up every other day, so it will be at least that long.

That night:

Jade and Merk attempt to sneak to the Black Dawn to check in. Merk is detected by a patrol, but runs away, finding an abandoned home to bunk in. Jade reaches the Black Dawn and talks to Josephus, who says that the ship can be ready in about 5 days. Sooner, if he was able to work on the exterior.

After Jade leaves, Merk sneaks to the boat and starts work on repairing the warjack in the hold. He decides to remain here to complete as much work as he can. Hopefully he can get the jack to work well enough to help launch the boat from drydock.

2 days later:

The party returns to the supply depot. There is no response from Chaplain Gerrold yet. They ask the Lieutenant if they can get to the Cathedral, but he says that’s out of the question.


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