Cargo and Loot

Since a decent amount of this campaign will involve looting ships and towns as well as capturing and moving cargo, I think it would be a boon to have a convenient system to manage it. The goal of this system is to give us a big picture overview of what you have, without having to do meticulous inventories and planning.

All vessels, warehouses, and other storage options will have a certain Cargo Space value. For example, the Fat Lass has a Cargo Space value of 16.

All cargo will have a Type, and each Type will be assigned a necessary Cargo Space to hold a Unit of the cargo. For example:

Type: Machine Parts
Cargo Space: 3

Type: Luxury Goods
Cargo Space: 2

Type Loot
Cargo Space: 1

The worth of your cargo will depend on where you are trying to sell it, and under what circumstances. Each port will have a certain price it will be willing to pay for each of the cargo types, rated in units of Loot. For example:

Location: Five Fingers
Machine Parts: 2
Luxury Goods: 3

Location: The Docks
Machine Parts 4
Luxury Goods: 1

Putting it all together:
The Fat Lass is carrying 3 Machine Parts and 3 Luxury Goods. It is using 15 of its sixteen Cargo Space (3×3 + 3×2 subracted from 16). She unloads her Luxury Goods in Five Fingers, which becomes 9 Loot. This 9 Loot cannot be stored in the Fat Lass with 3 Machine Parts, because that would require Cargo Space 18. The crew decide to bury 5 Loot (making a treasure map) and sail for The Docks. The Fat Lass now is using 13 of her 16 Cargo Space (3×3 + 4×1). At the Docks, she unloads her Machine Parts for 12 Loot, and sails off with a hold full of gold (16×1).

Cargo and Loot

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