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Ship Principles Black Dawn:

Lily Blythe: Admiral and Captain of The Black Dawn

"Wolfshead" Chuck: Quartermaster

"Dirty" Burt: Captain of The Tipsy Siren

Barlo Fang: Captain of The SeaWolf  


Spart: Ship's Ex Cook, explosive expert. Master Gunner on The Tipsy SIren

Merc Sharr: Hired Gun

Jade Raven: Medic and Tracker on The SeaWolf

Josephus: Carpenter

“Handsome Jon”athan: Surgeon

Jorm: Engineer on The Black Dawn

“Smokey” Joe Valentine: Engineer on The Tipsy Siren

Sasha: Stocker

Scott: Muscle

Sarah: Sailor on The Tipsy Siren

Hank "The Hatchet": 1st Mate on The SeaWolf

"Miss Mister" Leslie: Sailor on The SeaWolf

Laurence Gertha: Helmsman on The Black Dawn

Abby “Gail” Taft: Helmsman on The SeaWolf

Missing/killed crew

Gronk: Trollkin Muscle (MIA)

Pete: Cabin Boy (MIA: Left at Docks)

Edith: Muscle (MIA: Presumed dead. Carried off by Satyxis raiders)

"Clubfoot" Felix: Helmsman (Assumed dead in Five Fingers explosion)

"Seasick" Dick: Labor (Assumed dead in Five Fingers explosion)

Noah: Master Gunner (Assumed dead in Five Fingers explosion)

Morgan: Stocker (Assumed dead in Five Fingers explosion)


Gond the Korune


The Black Dawn

The SeaWolf

The Tipsy Siren

Account Book

Ships Captured Towns Sacked


The Docks

Game Rules, Modifications Reference Cargo and Loot

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