The Docks

Pirate Port.
Population: Unknown, but perhaps about 1000 at any one time

Built up around a group of small, rocky shoals. Made of wooden platforms, and ships that have wrecked on the rocks. It has shallow approaches on all sides, impossible for large ships to navigate. Most of what makes up the town is transitory; capable of being washed away by a swell in a storm.

The parts of the town that can be considered permanent have long been spoken for, and are under the control of a number of smugglers and outlaws. These ‘residents’ have small bands of thugs that keep general order over the “community”.

Services and goods available include ship repairs and restocking, warehousing (some places more structurally sound than others), and recruiting. There are many drinking and pleasure establishments present.

Fights, murder, thievery, and worse are common, and there is no law beyond what force can provide. But if you’re looking to move something illicit, or need to lay low for a while, this is a good spot to do it.

The Docks

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