Voyages of The Black Dawn

Through the Quarantine

The Black Dawn sails again

Still flush from battle, Burt floats the idea of moving against the Commissars now, since they are weakened, but Blythe would rather make in-roads with Kilbride first and get more support. She shares her plan to work her way up his organization to be #2, then kill him.

Gerrold organizes a pyre for the bodies. The party claims the ordic armor and misc minor valuables from bodies.

Burt and Merk debate what to do with the mariners. They decide to try and wipe the cortex. Burt leaves to try to find someone who can perform the wipe, while Merk removes cortexes. No one is found this evening.

Meanwhile, Fang questions Gerrold on the difficulty of the ritual he performed to cure them, and if he could write down directions that another could follow. Gerrold confirms that this is possible, but it’s dangerous to attempt without the proper preparation and participants. It is best if he and his contingent performs it.

Blythe, in a roundabout way, tries to discern Gerrolds thoughts on pirates. They are not favorable. Burt, having returned, questions him on what he needs to cure many people. Gerrold has all the materials, but depending on how wounded his acolytes get per ritual, they might need to be replaced. Faithful Morrowans are not easy to come by in Five Fingers.

Blythe, Gronk, Fang, Jade, and Vyros go out to a bar. Vyros makes inquiries about Kilbride’s gangs in the area and learns about the “Bringles Hall Boys” led by Jase Lowell. He also finds a lead on a jack chop shop that could wipe the cortexes. Fang buys rounds for all, and much song ensues.

The rest of the party have a few drinks, and Vyros returns with his information. All eventually return to the Cathedral.

Next morning:

Burt and Merk make contact with Vyros’ cortex wiper. It is a gobber shop, run by Thomplin Greeze; a gobber with a ruined ear and a rheumy eye. He seems to favor silk robes. They wait for customers to clear, then give the passphrase. A bargain is struck, and Merk runs to grab cortexes. In a back room, Thomplin attaches nodes to the cortexes, removes the glass hemispheres, and engages the expensive, baklava like layers of rune plates. The cost is 725 gold, half up front. It will take three days for a wipe and reset back to defaults. Merk decides to stay and guard the shop, but is very conspicuous. Thomplin tells him off and he goes to get lunch. Burt goes to shop for armor.

Meanwhile, Blythe hires a courier to take a message to Kilbride. “Capt Blythe – Seeking a partnership, have information relating to events on Chaser, we volunteer to assist.” Return message instructions are given care of a local bar.

Blythe, Gronk, and Vyros go shopping for a dress and new hat, as well as general piratey clothes. Blythe buys Gronk a fancy studded belt.

Merk stakes out shop after Thomplin leaves for the day; watching it that night from an alley.

Gerrold, meanwhile, arranges for the inoperable mariner jacks to be moved into the Cathedral.

Next day:

Burt relieves Merk.

There is a message from Narvosh: their pass is ready. Blythe wears her new dress to meet the Lt. and brings Gronk along. Fang and Jade have a date near the luncheon meeting. Narvosh passes off a package of security uniforms, documents for getting on Chaser, and a flag for getting past the blockade. Blythe and Narvosh find a room for the rest of the payment. Fang and Jade get room in same building. Blythe, afterwards, offers Narvosh future favors of any type.

Meanwhile, Merk and Vyros check out the state of the High Street Commissars. They find out that they have been seriously hurt by the party’s actions. Many are left, but their best weapons are gone.

The party reconvenes at the Cathedral and makes plans.


Wolfshead Chuck is sent to watch Thomplin as the rest go to Chaser to retrieve the Black Dawn.

Taking a ferry to Captains Island, they travel on foot going North to the bridge. They present their forged credentials, which are accepted. They observe signs of reinforcement to the barricade and damage from battle. The deck is slick with blood. Fang asks if all has been quiet, but the response is that it’s never quiet anymore.

Playing along with their documents, the party starts their ‘patrol’. Along one street they find a pile of barrels rigged with wire. On another they find trigger cobblestones pried up and rigged to blow when depressed. Spart has obviously been busy. They skirt the barrels, and carefully step over the cobblestones. Now actively looking for traps, others are found in rigging they must cross (which they do slowly). And more in abandoned buildings in the vicinity of the dock.

They discuss how to approach the ship, and there is much worry over being mistaken for the enemy. Jade and Burt take off their uniforms and sneak towards the Black Dawn. Finding a clear path, Jade returns to the party to report, and Burt sneaks aboard, telling the crew to make ready. Burt notices that some cannon have been relocated to point towards shore, and that there is jerry-rigged apparatus present on the bow.

The party, led by Jade, removes their uniforms and sneak to the ship. En route, a shot rings out and a sniper’s bullet hits Vyros. They make a dash to clear the rest of the way and take cover in the ship. Merk, however, sneaks back to the sniper’s post. It is on the upper floor of a tennement, and he climbs the stairs carefully and quietly. Finding the room, he kicks in the door just in time to see the sniper disappear out the window and up the wall. At this moment there is a great rumble and the lower floor of the building erupts in flame. The whole structure is collapsing, and Merk jumps out window, having no time for any other action. As he falls he spies the sniper on the roof and hits him squarely with a thunderbolt shot. Merk lands the tumble as best he can, and escapes with deep gouges and bruises, but nothing broken.

Spart is surprised to see Merk, and marvels at the jump as well as his own handiwork with the building. Merk and Spart return to ship, and begin preparations to disembark. Spart reveals that he’s rigged the sluice gates to blow and send the Black Dawn into the channel on command. Josephus expresses concern that this will damage the ship, and Capt Blythe agrees to only use Sparts method as a last resort.

An hour later there is an explosion in the distance. Some of Spart’s traps have been tripped. It is agreed in haste that they must leave now, and Capt Blythe issues the ‘Let’s go’ order to Spart. Jorm, below, yells out to the crew that “It’s really happening this time!” Spart, leaping to the bow, pulls a piton connected to a taut rope. Spart quickly harnesses himself into a leather lash that he’s affixed to the deck and the rest are left to grab what they can as they try to hold on. The rope and piton quickly disappear over the deck, and triggers the charges that blows open the drydock, detonates the supports holding the ship, and flings the Black Dawn into the channel.

Josephus, having exclaimed a colorful invective at the order while he dove below decks, calls for tar. The boilers are stoked, and the Black Dawn pulls away into the channel and out of the quarantine as a Galleon appears at the wharf.


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