Barlo Fang

Captain of the SeaWolf





Bartholomew Farling was born to a wealthy merchant family in Cygnar. As a teenage boy he fell in love with a beautiful explorer who worked for his uncle. Her name was Jade Dagger and the Farling family didn’t approve. They sent young Bartholomew off to military school.

Bartholomew studied hard and excelled as an officer in military school, but it just wasn’t for him. Upon graduating military school Bartholomew decided he did not want to join the military. Partly as an act of rebellion against the family that sent him away from his one true love, and partly just because it sounded like fun, Bartholomew decided to do something crazy and join a pirate crew.

Bartholomew Farling changed his name to Barlo Fang, bought himself some piratey equipment, including his signature wolf faced gas mask, and went down to the docks in Five Fingers to find a ship willing to hire him. He saw a very beautiful woman looking for crew for her ship, the “Black Dawn.” He was able to convince the captain that he was a skilled pirate and officer and talked his way into being her new 1st officer.

Barlo Fang

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